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The Annual Vlog Academy Eye Storm Award ... and the Winner is?

I am beyond overwhelmed to be held in this space.

Sometimes you you get up and do your thing oblivious of how others are touched or who is looking on.

Thank you Mi Elfverson of the The Vlog Academy and Eye Storm - supporting business women to be seen for the support and all encompassing course that has supported my journey online. I am so delighted and so grateful to have won The Vlog Academy's Eye Storm Award 2020! I would also like to extend congratulations to all the other nominees and winners of this year's awards. It hasn't been easy but the joy of seeing the benefits to our clients and members is a far greater reward.

As some of you may know, in December, I was also selected among 5 other gorgeous women to take part in Eye Storm's Five-Minute Festival on Facebook where I hosted FIVE 5-minute videos on Positive Posture to support you in the run-up to Christmas.

A big thank you to The Vlog Academy and to everyone who showed up for my classes and tuned into my videos on Facebook and YouTube throughout 2020, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I love doing them for you.

Looking forward to serving my community of devoted clients next year too. Cheers

According to Mi Elfverson, founder and Director of the Vlog Academy:

A massive congratulations to our most fabulous contributors to our community and well deserved!

This is for stepping up, pushing forward despite difficulties, pivoting, skating, running through rain and sleet to support our human beings in need, this is for showing up, as you, as real people, as supporters and experts.

This is not just congratulations, this is a heartfelt THANK YOU for your hard work. Well deserved! 🎉

Eye Storm Award winner:

Carla Armour of Carla Armour Ltd., Mindset & Movement Coaching

For taking your business online to support women all around the world, helping women who are going through midlife difficulties on all levels, for stepping up your game, being your own fabulous and beautiful You spreading your amazing energy - you've done it SO well! ❤️

The Vlog Academy Award goes to:

The Mumpreneurs Networking Club Sara Guiel and Nicky Chisholm

For getting out there every single morning during lockdown, arranging endless national and local Zoom meetings to support people through the pandemic, allowing people a safe space and an opportunity to connect with new people. You've kept going, kept smiling and you've kept being true to your values and members of your community. ❤️

Special Award:

The Charity Award for Exceptional Contribution:

Monica Norley of Mama Mzungu - Natural Soaps from Uganda

For supporting the women and children with Albinism in Uganda and your endless dedication and passion for the cause. You're just amazing and deserve to be acknowledged for the hard work you put in to support these fabulous women. ❤️


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