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'Carla is one of those people who enriches the lives of others, her boundless enthusiasm and assertive positivity give you no other option than to ‘be’ your best.'

- Simone, Star Pilates Studio 

What clients, colleagues and friends say about me and my work.

"For what it's worth, this is a journey I didn't know I needed to take until I started. 

A journey that is teaching me who I am and where I need to be to 

unlock the demons, the power and the magic within my soul...."


"Carla, this quest has made all the difference! I now have an elevated consciousness about my body, soul, and spirit as a wonderful movable feast. Wherever I go, I can meditate. Wherever I go, I can exercise. Wherever I go, I can write my morning pages. Wherever I go, I take myself with me, and that includes my light, my LOVE, and my commitment to becoming, over and over again, the best version of myself.

"The Quest with Carla has taught me how to tap into an abundant source of commitment 

and discipline to realize objectives that are important to me. 

The HyMMMNSS process is really a daily ritual that keeps me connected 

to my power to live the life I've always wanted."

Dr. H. Thomas-Lake - CEO, HillTop Ethics

"Hello my lovely fellow Questers, 

Yesterday I was on a magical date with a charming man! Yay!
I felt confident, sexy and completely in my power. Oh my goodness, 

I honestly didn’t think I would have felt like this or gone on a date like that when I first started this Quest. 

Thank you Carla dear for giving me my sexy back! "

G. Orme LLB. Entrepreneur

"I enjoyed Carla's Befriending Me session immensely.  Her passion and ability to keep you engaged is a wonderful gift.  She is clear and provides relevant and useful safety details, guiding your participation level, based on your situation. Especially during this pandemic with high anxiety, her coaching creates a sense of calm, unity and camaraderie tinged with humour and was a release for me.   I would definitely attend other sessions coached by Carla and I am grateful to her for sharing her gifts."

Cora R


"Thank-you again for a wonderful morning yesterday. Carla your energy and all you pour into these sessions are soul-filling. It set me up beautifully for the rest of the day, I was calm and able to handle the more difficult parts of my day. With three kids things can get a bit wild. Lol


I found the session to be very well balanced with the perfect amount spiritual, physical and emotional self-care. I would definitely attend again."


"Thank you for sharing, yesterday, the challenges you’ve had to overcome. It makes us see even more what a phenomenal woman you are. I can see for sure, your focus on wellness and going into the body is the key..... to connecting with the innermost divinity."


"When Carla announced her quest I was immediately intrigued. I had hired coaches before but Carla far exceeded my expectations. The first trait which struck me besides her obvious glowing smile and positive energy was how attentively she listened to responses to her carefully selected questions, formulating ideas for areas of concern while seamlessly reframing self-defeating thoughts. I left that first call energized but somewhat naive about how much she would push me to be my best self. She is supportive, encouraging but tough. If you set a goal with her you better be serious because she will follow up and hold your feet to the fire. So come prepared to work. 

So many areas of my life that have improved, not only did my diet and overall health improve but even my marriage, and finances improved."

T. Astaphan, Psy.D. Clinical psychologist / Mom-In-Chief



Personally, I come to you for your presence and energy and value your Motivational Coaching. You Recognize great work. One of the most important factors that contribute to motivation is how often hard work is recognized. All the time I've known you, you celebrate results and have a positive outlook of life. You stay fueled and I admire your healthy life routine.

Working with you, I have witnessed and encouraged young talents come to you in hope for an out-reach and advice on career opportunities to assist them on their journey.

I recommend you for your diversity that includes Motivation and Leadership Skills and definitely someone to speak to on career Goals, Life Goals, Health Coaching, Physical Appearance, Grooming, Beauty & Image Consultation.

Ruth - CEO, DNS Model Management Agency

I would recommend you to someone for support and of course motivation. They should come for positive advice, your resourcefulness, you are an amazing person of excellence.


Jacqueline – Musician & Senior Forestry Officer


I would recommend you to someone for Pilates, hardcore training, focus, and consistency. Support in most things wellness related. You are a dedicated Pilates instructor who challenges your every muscle and makes you fit and strong! 


Afra - Financial Advisor, Entrepreneur, Lawyer


Carla, I come to you when I want the truth and a focused solution to my situation, circumstance, or goal. I have observed that people come to you when they want ‘the job' done.

I would recommend anyone to you - especially those who may lack confidence in their own ability and are at a point that they really need a supportive push by a strong focused accomplished woman. But if one is looking to have their ego stroked - you are NOT the coach for them. 


 Nicole - Supreme Court Judge

Carla is one of those people who enriches the lives of others, her boundless enthusiasm and assertive positivity give you no other option than to ‘be’ your best.

Personally, I have a lot to thank Carla for, as a struggling single parent she recognised my potential. Due to the expert coaching, she offered me I now have the skills to help others through running my own business.

 Simone - Star Pilates Studio


I would recommend you to someone for Pilates, for consistent advice, uncompromising firm guidance, commitment, that they could borrow your courage and lean on your strength.

If I had to design an award for you, I think you should be awarded for creativity, perseverance, and inspiration photographed from behind running from Pond Casse. A lone figure blazing a trail! 

Tina – OBE, Counsellor, Entrepreneur, British Honorary Consul to Dominica, Dominica & UK    

I would recommend you to someone for, setting fitness goals, organization in reaching one’s target. Dedication and perfection. Help in fitness injuries. Event planning and implementing life coaching, and structuring of one’s life. Your ability to make things happen through your organizational skills. Knowing they will receive the best no matter what it is. For health and fitness motivation and competitive aspirations. Your ‘plain truth, take it or leave it’ attitude.

 Joann – Stylist,  Interior Designer, Real Estate Developer, Dominica

I would recommend you most for ‘motivation’. That word keeps on popping into my head when I think of you and here’s why you are positive and vibrant and that is the key. The Pilates, running whatever just strengthens your core, who you are. You are a fantastic motivational speaker too. I think you would actually be a great psychologist.
All your attributes speak to complete wellness, Carla, think about it, you take care of a person on the inside, motivational talks, therapy, etc, and on the outside, Pilates, make-up, fashion.

As an entrepreneur myself, I see many business offerings you excel at; Carla’s finishing school, High-end Wellness retreats, Motivational talks, Human Resource wellness consultant - happy employees are productive employees.

You go, Carla, you’re a star ⭐, always have been!

Sophia - Property Developer & Entrepreneur, Gajah Interiors & The Avenue, Barbados

I'm a person who's run a lot, so before these classes, I had pain in my knees and my back, especially my sacrum, even if I have very good shoes, I still have pains. So, Pilates with Carla has helped with this massively. 


I am reaping the benefits of working with Carla and have been able to achieve so many of my goals since starting! After the first month, I stopped experiencing pain when I run - I’m flying like a bird! I'm also a lot more calm and more comfortable and the shape of my body is getting better and better! My health and life is much better now, I feel more balanced and stronger. 


I am able to incorporate what I’ve learned with Carla into everyday life for my current and long-term well being - I try to use all the tricks that you give us to have a better life. 


I love Pilates with Carla because it’s always such a pleasure to see her! I enjoy her approach to the class as she uses a variety of teaching methods that not only let us learn effectively but also make it a pleasure to learn. What makes Carla stand out from other instructors is that she always gives us more details, if I cannot do the exercise, she’ll tell me ‘do it this way’ etc. Carla makes me more comfortable. I have met other teachers, they are only here to do their show, not a class, but with Carla, it’s not like that. 


I would recommend Carla and her classes to anyone! There is no doubt about that. 


There’s no point running 10km as I used to do or a diet. If you want to be strong, flexible, and more comfortable in your life follow Carla’s classes. After 3 months I can say that I’m an addict, I want to go further in my life.

Fabienne - Runner

Carla is the only human being that I personally know who is successfully fulfilling the potential of a mother, a wife, a friend to many, an inspiring Pilates teacher, a life coach, a talented painter, a writer, a relentless businesswoman, a fashion designer, and an event organiser.

She has introduced me to her ‘Pilates’ philosophy and thereby opened a completely new dimension to my life. In Pilates, Carla has taught me the art of “Contrology”, the neutral indispensable posture of the body and soul in life. And she has done it with style, simplicity, and positive energy;

All those years, each session with Carla has been a rewarding investment which would infallibly leave me with 3 crucial intangible returns:

  • A deep sense of respect, for others -and for myself. (Not that I was not a respectful person)

  • An indefectible sense of resilience.

  • A broader horizon to explore with optimism

I can assure you that you will experience the same transformation if you spend some time with Carla; but it will happen so naturally and in so many different ways, that it takes some introspection for you to realize it.

After all, isn’t that Pilates philosophy at its core? Learn to know yourself and to balance all matters about yourself - as much as possible. She has an immense capacity to listen to and understand people, which is quite unique.  I hope that your pathway will lead you to meet Carla at some point in your life, as I know you will be filled with many returns!

Annie Bonheur - Head of Foreign Languages Dept, St. Bede’s, UK

I’m a writer whose day job is seven hours alone at her desk. I’ve always thought of my body (if I’ve thought of it at all) as a suitcase for my mind. A few years back the suitcase began to have trouble getting over a stile. I looked for help – but carefully. I knew I wasn’t going to be a great client. I’m exacting, I bore easily and I’d rather be doing almost anything than physical exercise. And then I found Carla. Carla is also exacting – but in the nicest possible way. Yes, you work hard (really hard!) but she brims with generosity for your effort and has an infectious can-do attitude (even when you’re pretty sure you can’t-do). She pays really close attention to every bone and muscle in your body and can spot imperceptible changes in your posture or movement. She can work around things that hurt. Her communication skills are excellent: she has developed a whole range of very clear word-pictures (shine those headlights!) so that even a body klutz like me can follow instructions. So, all going swimmingly (getting stronger, fitter – even enjoying it) until about nine months ago when I contrived to trip over my own feet and spend five days in hospital having my dislocated shoulder.

Nicky -  Writer

I joined Carla’s studio mat classes to help with my lower back problems, an injured knee (from skiing), and mild arthritis in my wrists. What I love the most about working with Carla is that she really cares about all her students and manages to target each exercise to get the best out of each student whilst protecting and strengthening our weak areas. The sessions are always varied and interesting.

I love that during her classes we always have a laugh as well as getting pushed to reach our full potential. I would thoroughly recommend Carla, she is very motivational, extremely knowledgeable about the Pilates principles and anatomy, and also a lovely person who always makes everyone feel special. I now have no worries about my back and minimal knee and wrist problems so l can enjoy skiing and biking again!

Katherine Davies

After years of back pain and constantly trying different exercises to try and prevent it, I found Pilates. I have noticed that as I have become stronger the episodes of pain have become less frequent.


I do mat-based classes with Carla, an extremely experienced teacher who seems to intuitively understand what works for me.

When I am having a painful episode Carla adapts the exercises to stretch and soothe the painful areas.


Pilates has given me the core strength, or the powerhouse, as Carla refers to it, to protect my back in day to day life. Her teaching includes reference to how you can incorporate exercises or stretches into everyday activities, I often stretch my back whilst on the phone at my desk.


Carla is easy to get along with and her classes always have a fun element, you can exercise your face muscles with smiles and laughter too. Carla listens to you and watches your movements, she is mindful of your ability and restrictions so she will not push you too far but does encourage you to achieve more than you may have expected.

Tracey W

I was in fairly good health when I started Pilates but had severe back pain and was beginning to develop a serious slouch/hunch in my shoulders. I tried yoga but it only made my back worse so I decided to try Pilates rather than keep paying for expensive osteopathic treatments which only gave relief for a couple of days.


The biggest benefits of the classes are that I feel much stronger than ever before! My back pain is much better; I'm in better shape than I was 20 years ago even though I used to be a serious runner and my posture has also improved - I no longer slouch.


I incorporate Pilates into my everyday routine. It's easy to attend classes online and I find myself with Carla's voice in my head when I slip into bad habits. I have learned to engage my core and to drop my shoulders when walking around. 


Carla's experience of Pilates and life really add to her teaching style. Her attention to detail is second to none. She adapts exercises for those at different levels and with varying injuries or fitness levels without anyone feeling left out. She understands and is empathetic about how our bodies age and the aches and pains associated with the ageing process. With Carla you feel that you are in safe hands - she is ambitious for her students to improve but never at the expense of injuring themselves. I have been going to classes with Carla for 3 years and have never been bored!

I’d recommend Carla because she's an excellent teacher for people of all ages and stages. Her classes are clear, thorough, and good fun. *  Excellent teacher for people of all ages and stages and you can feel that Carla is always developing her skills as an instructor and gives students 100% of her focus during class whether in the studio or online. Before coming to Carla I used to wake up aching every morning - now I don't. 


Pleasure to be a Carla Armour fan girl.

L.M, Age 59

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