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Ready for an awakened divine Empress Ascension?
Is it time for YOU to develop unapologetic self-adoration (love & respect) and celebrate your unique expression?
Ready to have an abundant courageous life and career with crystal clarity, delicious ease and tons of pleasure?

Then you need my Reclaim your Rhythm 16 week Journey. 

Carla Armour Artist by Gibson Blanc

I am a multi passionate experienced woman in her mid 50's, who stands for women's right to live an unapologetically deeply nourished, and nurtured courageous life of self respect, abundant health and passion.


I coach and mentor women to focus on mindset shifts together with mind-body movement and connections to awaken their inner power.

People ask me to help them to get their lives back on track, to get them back in shape, help them lose weight. To get them disciplined so they can stick to their decisions. So that is basically what I do,
hold you accountable to YOU. 

Consistency, discipline, balance and self respect is what my clients tell me they most struggle with. You see, we must first respect our decisions and commitments and all else falls in place. The problem is though, while so many women beat up on themselves for not being enough at the same time, they think they are invincible and everyone must come first and maybe they will fit themselves in after, somewhere, someday...

when is that someday I ask?

"Carla, you are one of the most inspiring and strongest women I know." Insa 

"This really helped me, you being so open and vulnerable, knowing what you have gone through, I now understand how you can always re-frame things. Now I understand that I too can see things with a different lens." Tamara

"My body and my mind is exuberant with power and stillness after each session" Mario

"Carla has taught me how to tap into an abundant source of commitment and discipline to realize objectives that are important to me." Hillary

"Carla is an excellent and committed Pilates instructor and coach, who has an insatiable passion for what she does." Carolyn

"Carla takes you on a journey to be your bravest, fittest most creative self. Her program works if you do the work"  Galia 

  I create inspiring coaching experiences that combine deep mind-body Pilates practice & philosophy with creative resilience coaching strategies to cultivate values of self-compassion and self-integrity so you can get out of your way and step into your consistent FLOW. 
I call this living at your CORE, when your body & Mind is beautifully synchronized and your heart & soul in coherent and calm.

Then, the feeling of confidence and courage is unparalleled. 

Why I am so passionate about supporting you?

As a Pilates & Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Artist, and Entrepreneur, what Marie Forleo refers to as a 'multi-passionate woman', I can offer a unique blend of training, skills and decades of experience to support you with a patient ear, open mind, bespoke coaching tools, compassion, respect and accountability.

I believe that no matter what we face, we can achieve whatever we truly desire and work for. I have had my share of horrors, personal traumas, business, property and financial devastation, relationship breakdowns, betrayals, and many more but I have come through it all and know what I rely on and know that it works for those I have worked with too. Don't get me wrong, I have my days but I have gone through it too so that's why I am confident that I can support and coach you to being your best YOU.


My work is grounded in my Living at Your CORE framework; the CORE activators being; 
Centred & Congruent    Open & Optimized    Released & Resourceful    deeply Engaged.

When these CORE activators are consistently integrated we fine-tune our inner voice with intention and congruence in all we do.  So whether you are seeking a life of optimum health & flexibility, confidence & adaptability, stamina, conviction and commitment; at home, at work and at play, you have a system to activate re-centre you.  

Carla in Portugal. I believe in Laughter

I believe in laughter (lots of it), being well informed, honest communication, focus,

good solid honest hard work and total dedication, I also know that anything worth having or getting requires all of these in addition to, a good dose of self-belief, self-compassion, and titanium-plated self-integrity.

"Vulnerability is the truest measure of courage."

Brene Brown.


Maybe by now anxiety and uncertainty have all sent your stress hormones through the roof, and it is a vicious cycle. These hormones have you exhausted, depleted even in chronic pains with serious tension. Feeling emotionally drained and mentally & physically paralyzed. There is a scientific reason you are feeling this way, and you are not alone. In fact, this is totally normal. 

All the best intentions are there. Scheduled? Posted? Alarmed? Affirmed? But still, you just can't progress, am I right?

Trust me, many many women are struggling with these same issues.

To make the shift, you will need to resolve these and do things that release the happy hormones and neurotransmitters instead. It all comes down to being inspired, fit, and healthy and feeling calm and courageous. This is why my approach is Body Mind connection coupled with 'Heart & Soul Soothing' (coherence). It's about releasing the dis-ease and finding ease. about learning to find body & soul pleasure so your body sends the message of please to your mind and you can dissolve and dismantle the pain and anxiety to process ease, metabolize and regulate your state. This is not a process you just get up and do on your own, it is learned. Imagine being lost in the wilderness and no map or even a torch to see the map. Then tie your feet to a fallen rotting tree... it's a nightmare! Trust me, I know that. So let me coach you,let me help you nurture all aspects of you. Then you can confidently commit, stay consistent and keep connected to all aspects of your family, social, and professional life with total ease and pleasure.

"The relationship we have with ourselves is the relationship we have with others."

Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

What does that mean? that the same way you feel, treat and think about yourself, is what you will interpret what others say and do. It is such an obvious concept once you know it. So let us change how you feel and speak and treat yourself because nobody can do you better than you.

So here is an invitation to you. Over the years, pooling my expertise, experiences and talents, I have been creating, perfecting and delivering my radical self-care coaching program 'Reclaim your Rhythm'.

I want you my client to wake up and tell yourself, with your authentic voice, "Nobody does Me better", and mean it!


I invite you to;

  • Nurture such self-awareness and compassion you will live with ease in complete self-approval. 

  • Re-energize every cell in your body through deep Pilates core connecting mind body work and a personalized workout plan so you love and trust your strong, flexible beautiful body and have the stamina to do whatever you choose.

  • Completely regain your sense of worth, igniting your inner power so you integrate the resilience tools to get in and learn to stay in the best physical and emotional shape of your life.

  • To accomplish your goals and stick with success after success.

Be aware that this is a deep reflective reconnaissance mission. We will go through emotional, raw, beautiful, physical, expansive, honest, and radical and rewarding experiences that will support you in crafting and learning to live alongside your chosen Life Legacy Statement and Personal Proclamations from Affirmations. Within our time together, you will have integrated the 'CORE Activators' to help you maintain the successes you have made and to keep you on track, living a centered, healthy courageous life with focus and intention.  Let us have a talk so I can see how I can best serve you.

Reflection on Brighton beach.

My father once corrected me, I repeated that saying, "to those who much is given, much is expected."

and he said, "Oh no Carla, 'to those who much is given, much is REQUIRED."

I learned to look at challenges as opportunities. and this is my take when coaching. Learning to re-frame situations.  Each of us is meticulously crafted one-of-a-kind work of art, each with our unique purpose to make up part of our wider world. Each with our own stories,  special abilities uniquely able to live in that fullness. When we are doing so, it is when we feel exhilarated, unstoppable and at the same time totally resolved and calm in ourselves.

I am here to offer my support.

To help build that strong foundation, physical and emotional, Body, Mind, Heart & Soul coherence and strength as with a strong foundation and sturdy pillars to support us we will stay standing when we are confronted by the storms disasters of life.

I will support you while you develop unwavering self-integrity, to face every situation with unshakeable confidence, consistent action, and deep congruence. While I hold you accountable to YOU.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.”

Joseph H Pilates, Return to Life through Contrology, 1945



Having trained and worked with individuals between the ages of 8 to 98, of every level of fitness, from healthy, rehabilitative, pre & post-operative clients to Olympic athletes, I have found Mr. Pilates'  statement above holds true for all. As a Mover, I bring all my life’s Health & Fitness experiences and deep passion for Pilates, whole mind, body, and spiritual practice to my coaching.

Disciplined consistency and a penchant for action for one's whole person is the foundation of sweet success.


As a Visual and Conceptual artist, years of past experiences creating work for exhibitions around the world, as well as my numerous contracts in print and digital media; radio, television, marketing, hospitality, and tourism, I am acutely observant to client’s needs. I am innately sensitive to the significance and unique beauty of each client’s presence, thought-process, body language, and movement patterns. I am genuine, honest, motivating,  and open in my coaching style. It so happens that those are the attributes that suit some people best and why I can motivate you to achieve! But I am not for everyone. If you want a 'yes-woman', ego-stoking, BS artist, then sadly, I'm not the woman for you.

More professional details about Carla:


Carla was born & raised in Dominica and currently lives in England with working trips to Dominica. She is a Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Artist & Creative Tourism Consultant with over 35 years’ experience in the Services sectors as an Entrepreneur; in Health & Fitness, Arts & Culture, Hospitality & Tourism and NGO’s in the Caribbean (Dominica); New York City, US; Namibia and England. She is the founder and CEO, Coach/Consultant of both Carla Armour Ltd. (UK) and Vetivert Inc. (Dominica).


She holds an MA from the University of Brighton’s International Events & Tourism Management Faculty having written a thesis on Developing & Delivery Authentic Destination Experiences through Events from the Local Stakeholder Gaze. . She also holds degrees and Professional Certifications from Parsons School of Design at The New School majoring in Fashion & Accessory Design, at The New York Restaurant School with Restaurant Management & a Chef Certification. With a lifelong fascination and involvement in health and fitness, Carla has also spent much of the past 17 years in her wellbeing practice, working and studying mindset, goal setting and habit creation with a Life Coach qualification from New Insights Coach Training & The Coaching Academy; human anatomy and movement at Conscious Movement Education, South Africa to qualify as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher & Master Training, with the Exercise Teachers Academy (SA) as a Personal Trainer and worked at Virgin Active, Windhoek, Namibia as Group Fitness Manager.


As a seasoned entrepreneur Carla Armour has worked within the Private, Public & NGO sectors for decades including as President of The Dominica Hotel & Tourism Association (DHTA), The Society for Heritage & Architectural Preservation & Enhancement, (SHAPE) and as a Board Directors on the National Development Corporation of Dominica, Picard Beach Cottages Resort Ltd, Anchorage td, Dominica Writers Guild and the Heart of Dominica Community Tourism Association. She has produced and hosted television and radio programs and culinary & cultural events and exhibitions. Carla has done international Marketing and Sales for Dominica’s Tourism industry for decades and has been featured in Caribbean, Namibian & East Sussex (UK) magazines, newspapers & TV which have highlighted her work and contributions. An award-winning performance poet and exhibiting visual artists. Over the years, she has also authored many promotional articles, chapters and sales tools for these various industries.

Let us get on a 40-minute Discovery Call to see how I can best serve you? It's my gift to you.

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