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Terms and Conditions

Carla Armour Ltd.

Pilates & Wellbeing Coaching

Please read the terms and Conditions carefully and tick 'I agree...' once you have done so to continue to the payment page.

I accept that the services offered to me are done so at my own risk and my coach Carla Armour and Carla Armour Ltd. will not be liable for any damage or injury done to my person.

I understand that my health is my responsibility and I should not exercise beyond my own abilities or go against any medical advice given by my doctor or another healthcare professional. 

I understand that Carla Armour's services are not a replacement for Clinical and Medical advise and care. I take responsibility for my progress and success under acceptable Pilates and Coaching protocols and practices.

I accept that Carla Armour Ltd. reserves the right to substitute an alternative coach/instructor of a comparable level if Carla Armour is unavailable to take a session.


I accept that Carla Armour Ltd. complies with the Data Laws Protection Act May 2018 with any personal information held about me, I have complete control over my data. Carla Armour Ltd.  will not pass my data on. Carla Armour Ltd. will use my data only to contact me with information on their services that I have agreed to receive when I registered for and/or purchased services or signed up for specific information.


I accept that my monthly subscription for Pilates can only be refunded within the first 10 days  of payment. All other refunds are specified within service descriptions. I accept it is my responsibility to read and be informed of these policies.   

By providing my information I consent to be added to Carla Armour Ltd.’s mailing list enabling me to be informed of any updates, changes, promotions of special offers and changes on the  information mentioned above.

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