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Recalibrate your Rhythm
A Pilates & Creative Life Activation Retreat in Dominica,
The Nature Island of the Caribbean

with Carla Armour
Artist, Pilates BodyMind Healer & Courage Coach.

So you have put 2022 behind you and making 2023 the year to 

Just imagine returning home from a very different  Caribbean Retreat

feeling totally recalibrated in body, mind, heart & soul. 

No need to imagine, because you can experience all this and more.

You are invited to join this deeply immersive and awe-inspiring Retreat in

the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Hosted at the all-inclusive award-winning 5-star
Jungle Bay Eco-villa Resort & Spa.

Saturday 18th to Saturday 25th March 2023

You are invited to spend 7 glorious days and nights being enveloped in Nature
to Re-centre, Release, Renew & Recalibrate your Body Mind, Heart and Soul

You are invited to spend 7 nights in the lap of luxury totally spoilt by the Jungle Bay Team, ​

enjoying delicious, all organic meals, tropical juices, freshly picked teas & brews,

 starting your days with fresh picked coconut water.

Invited to start your days centred, strengthened and stretched by the island’s leading Pilates Instructor.

Invited to be pampered with spa treatments by the highly trained and experienced Jungle Bay therapists.

Invited to be guided through deep creative mindful sessions and meditations with a dedicated retreat coach.

Invited to experience adventures to Dominica’s world-renowned rivers, waterfalls, heritage and cultural sites, hot springs, crystal clear waters and luxuriant nature.

You are invited to start breathing again, fresh clean air...

Spend this beautifully immersive week of centring Pilates, inspiring creative sessions, exhilarating adventures in nature, transformative cultural activities and sacred relaxation time for

recalibrating your rhythm & celebrating life.

You will release physical tensions, creative doubts and emotional discontent so you are energised and refreshed becoming truly centred, creative and courageous, to return home Confidently YOU.

Where better to do this but in the Heart of the Caribbean, on the most unspoilt pristine island in the region where the Kalinago, the Caribbean's last surviving indigenous people call home. Yes on this little island known for the highest percentage of Super-Agers (Centenarians) and National Protected Park lands.

Not to mention Dominica’s exceptional management of CoVID-19.

 What will be included in this amazing Recalibrate your Rhythm Retreat? I have included sme of my absolute favourite experiences in Dominica for you to savour. My plan is to infuse moments of AWE each day.

Here is what is included and some of what you will be doing: 

  • You will spend 7 nights in the lap of luxury, in your private luxury eco-villa room or suite, and allow us to personalize your sleeping experience when you complete a post sign-up Retreat Personalization Questionnaire.

  • Each morning you will open your days with fresh healing Coconut Water, Nature’s Health Tonic.

  • You will be served three sumptuous meals daily (Breakfasts, lunches & dinners and all local non-alcoholic beverages) by the new Jungle Bay Chef and his team. Some of whom have been with Jungle bay for almost 2 decades. They craft sumptuous Caribbean meals with local organic ingredients, farm-to-table and fresh seafood boat-to-plate for your dining enjoyment. After a week-long healthy diet and activity you will head home feeling well nourished. 

  • You will develop a new understanding of your body and breath and how to embody physical and emotional joy and ease during daily Pilates Group Classes with Master Instructor, Body Mind Healer and Artist Carla Armour.
    You will be taken through the Pilates  Principles from Breath, through Concentration, Centring, Control, Flow to Precision, beginning each day feeling re-centred, strengthened & flexible. Generally with a feeling of' 'bring-on-the-day' positivity!

  • Post Pilates, with body, minds and hearts fully awakened we will snack on fresh fruits and herbal brews while we settle to a beautiful 'Creative Sharing Space' of exploring our wild and raw side, this is the time for Inner work and personal expression.

  • Relaxing pre-dinner evening Recalibration sessions will include meditations, talks, sharing, creative tasks and rituals designed to dissolve your distractions, resolve your stories so you leave with clear vision, intentions and an action plan to face the second half of 2022. You WILL feel Recalibrated, renewed and inspired.

  • We will also have unlimited access to the Yoga (Pilates & Creative) Studio should you wish to return for personal movement, creative and contemplation time at any time during the retreat.

  • Lose yourself during a full hour Spa treatment of your choice with the Jungle Bay Spa team led by Dominica’s renowned Therapist D’Africa Thomas who ensures that  her guests are always totally pampered from head to toe.

  • Discover the essence of Dominica. We will enjoy 3 awesome Heritage and Nature experiences;

    Joining Dominican's ancestral footsteps to be  immersed in physical adventures and spiritual initiations starting with a trip to Cachacrou (Scottshead). This is the Southern tip of Dominica where our Kalinago ancestors landed on Dominica calling the island 'Waitukubuli', (Tall is her body), for the statuesque mountains that came into sight as they approached. Afterward you can have a refreshing swim within the Soufriere Scottshead Marine Reserve.

    A full day tour to local gardens, swim up rivers to waterfalls, walks and ending with a soak in healing natural hot springs while sipping a local punch or beer.

    Visit to our Indigenous people to learn about their mythologies, visit sacred spaces and partake in a cleansing ritual by the Shaman  Manley and his wife Miranda followed by a veritable Kalinago Feast.

    A pilgrimage to Jaco Flats in the heart of Dominica. This is an arduous and inspiring hike along the river path of the Negres Maroons (escaped slaves) to climb Jaco Steps with heritage guardian Eunice who will replenish our energy with fresh fruits and pressed cane juice. Ending our day at Harmony Villa Art House for a delicious late lunch and communion.

    These are deep dives into nature to renew your body and renew your ancestral calling to your divine potential,


  • We will share a delightful and relaxing evening with D’Africa, who will take us through Jungle Bay’s signature Dominican Medicinal Herbs and Teas Experience. You will learn about the ancient herbal remedies and the island’s centuries-old traditions.

  • Hear about the Jungle Bay journey from founder Sam Rafael, as he introduces you personally to his dream project and its incredible story of resilience and will, to where Jungle Bay is today. We will be able to tour through the edible and ornamental gardens. Be inspired by this story of tenacity and commitment.

  • During a Creole Cooking demonstration, you will learn the secrets to the delicacies that make Dominica’s local cuisine unique and scrumptious. Why not take these culinary secrets back home with you too.


  • Our Last Supper will be one of celebration and reconnection.


  • All Local Transport is included in your package. Airport pick-up & return transfers and all transportation on island with beverages, lunches and snacks.

Mindset and Movement coach Carla Armour Performing A Pilates Pose in Dominica, the Nature Island of the Caribbean
Someone having a massage by D'Africa Thomas at the Jungle Bay Spa in Dominica
Ancestral footsteps
Villa Room 2 Beds (twin) parrot theme.jpeg


Single Occupancy in a Twin Villa Room. 7 Nights All-Inclusive Package.


Price is inclusive of all Government taxes. Reserve your spot with a US$1000 deposit.

Deposit is refundable up to 6 weeks before Retreat start date. please note there will be a 35% refund fee thereafter. 

*Flights are NOT included* 


Per Person

Villa Room King__1_edited.jpg


Double Occupancy Villa Room.
7 Nights All-Inclusive Package.

Price is inclusive of all Government taxes. Reserve your spot with a US$1000 deposit. Deposit is refundable up to 6 weeks before Retreat start date. please note there will be a 35% refund fee thereafter. 

*Flights are NOT included* 


Per Person

Villa Suite Interior 1.jpg


Single Occupancy Villa Suite. 7 Nights All-Inclusive Package. 

Price is inclusive of all Government taxes. Reserve your spot with a US$1000 deposit. Deposit is refundable up to 6 weeks before Retreat start date, please note there will be a 35% refund fee thereafter. 

*Flights are NOT included* 


Per Person

Villa Suite Interior 1.jpg


Double Occupancy Villa Suite. 7 Nights All-Inclusive Package. 

Price is inclusive of all Government taxes. Reserve your spot with a US$1000 deposit. Deposit is refundable up to 6 weeks before Retreat start date, please note there will be a 35% refund fee thereafter.

*Flights are NOT included* 


Per Person

Reserve your Room

Covid-19 Saftey Measures

Coach Carla Armour at Harmony Villa in Dominca

Meet Your Coach, Carla Armour

As a Dominican, I am so excited to host this amazing retreat and introduce you to our slice of paradise, a natural wonder. and what will be a total cultural and spiritual journey. Additionally, I have a lifetime of experience in the local hospitality and experience curation space... so I just CAN NOT wait to deliver on this dream experience for a second year running.


I like to place my clients and guests into multi-sensorial spaces that invites them to nurture every inch of themselves. How? Because at the heart, I am a creative, an Artist in all that I do. That means I bring my all, my heart and soul to my work as a Pilates Instructor, a Coach and Experience Curator with a unique blend of practices and rituals. 

I coach and mentor women (and some men) to focus on deep Pilates Body & Breath-work and mindset shifts together with Movement-based contemplative practices, to calibrate their bodies, minds, hearts and souls so they can live Centred, Creative and Courageous lives.


Here's a taste of Carla's Mindset & Pilates Movement Coaching.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to know Pilates to be on this retreat?

Some basic knowledge of Pilates would help but is not necessary. Pilates sessions will be held daily, to get the most out of the Retreat we suggest all participants attend. The questionnaire provided after confirmation requests information on your Pilates experience, you will be sent links to Carla's Pilates  classes to get acquainted with the fundamentals.

Carla is a very experienced Pilates Instructor having certified in 2003 and taught fitness classes since the 80's, so she will be able to group participants according to ability and modify all exercises to suit each participant.

2. Do I need to be an Artists to participate in this retreat?

Absolutely not. This is a Creative retreat. We are all creatives in some form, Artists will find the retreat a great boost for their practice and those who do not consider themselves artists will find that they will nurture more open creative thinking and strategizing. The creative activities are designed to let you explore the depths of your authentic self. and open you to knew options that can be applied to your personal and professional life.

3. How FIT do I need to be to be on this Retreat?

You should be relatively fit as our activities will include hikes to Natural Heritage sites, sea bathing, hikes and swims in rivers, waterfalls and natural hot springs. An average level of fitness would be best, the fitter you are then, you can participate more enthusiastically and go further into some of the activities.


4. Are Dominica's borders OPEN?

Yes, Dominica IS currently open and has been open to tourists since the launch of the Safe in Nature Certified program September 2020.


5. If the above changes, how will quarantine restrictions be addressed?

At this time, visitors to Dominica traveling with a negative Antigen test do not need to quarantine. Unvaccinated tourists will need to do an antigen test on arrival as well. If negative, they will be free to go without quarantine, if they test positive and are asymptomatic, they will need to be quarantined in a safe in Nature facility or Government property. All coaches and operators are Safe in Nature certified and Jungle Bay a Safe in Nature property, we fall under these protocols. See full country guidelines and protocols linked below. 


6. Is one expected to stay at Jungle Bay for the duration of the Retreat? 

Our schedule and itinerary will be available to all participants who are encouraged to join in all the activities as they all build upon each other to make for a truly awe-inspiring and transformational experience. The Retreat is also all-inclusive, if participants wish to go out on their own, they can request meals be left for them. If a participant wants to go out they just need to notify us so that we are not waiting for them and holding up the activities as we would not want to leave anyone behind. 

7. I have dietary restrictions, will I be accommodated?

Of-course. all the ingredients for the meals as far as possible are organic and locally grown, reared or caught. And dietary restrictions will all be accommodated. 

Some meals will be enjoyed off property as well to add some more variety and to experience 


8. Is the total cost due on arrival or before? 

To reserve your space on this 5 star all inclusive retreat a participant will need to pay a deposit (Early Bird Special of US$500 before 31st March or  US$1000 on confirmation thereafter) The balance of the package amount is due upon arrival at the resort.


9. Are hotel staff vaccinated and what are your rules regarding vaccination?

Traveling within the Caribbean is easier for vaccinated people so we suggest that participants are vaccinated , but there is requirement for you to be vaccinated. 


10. Are men allowed to come or is this a ladies only retreat?

Anyone of any gender is welcome to join the retreat! Invite your friends, families and partners along and recalibrate together. 


Please note: Each participant must be booked in advance. Book now to avoid disappointment.

More about your Retreat Curator  & Leader, Carla Armour;

A Leading Pilates BofyMind Healer, Courage Coach & Artist.

People ask me to help them to get their lives back on track, to get them back in shape, help them manage their weight, while they develop self-care and self-love rituals, practice self-compassion and self-respect so they can honour their intentions. My work is grounded in my Living at Your CORE framework; the CORE activators are, Centred & Congruent, Open & Optimized, Released & Resourceful and Engaged.

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness. To achieve the highest accomplishments within the scope of our capabilities in all walks of life we must constantly strive to acquire strong, healthy bodies and develop our minds to the limit of our ability.”
Joseph H Pilates, Return to Life through Contrology, 1945

Having trained and worked with individuals between the ages of 8 to 98, of every level of fitness, from healthy, rehabilitative, pre & post-operative clients to Olympic athletes, I have found Mr. Pilates' statement above holds true for all.

As a Mindset & Movement Coach, I bring all my life’s Health & Fitness experiences and deep passion for Pilates, whole mind, body, and spiritual practice to my work.

More professional details about Carla:

Carla was born & raised in Dominica and currently shares her time between her homes in Hove in the south of England and Dominica. She combined her training as a Life Coach, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer, Artist & Creative Tourism Consultant with over 35 years’ experience in the Services sectors as an Entrepreneur; in Health & Fitness, Arts & Culture, Hospitality & Tourism and NGO’s in the Caribbean (Dominica); New York City, US; Namibia and England. She is the founder and CEO, Coach/Consultant of both Carla Armour Ltd. (UK) and Vetivert Inc. (Dominica).

With a lifelong fascination and involvement in health and fitness, Carla has focused much of the past 19 years in her wellbeing practice, working and studying mindset, goal setting and habit creation with a Life Coach qualification from New Insights Coach Training & The Coaching Academy; human anatomy and movement at Conscious Movement Education, South Africa to qualify as a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher & Master Trainer, with the Exercise Teachers Academy (SA) as a Personal Trainer and worked at Virgin Active, Windhoek, Namibia as Group Fitness Manager. Carla also holds an MA from the University of Brighton’s International Events & Tourism Management Faculty having written a thesis on ‘Developing & Delivery Authentic Destination Experiences through Events from the Local Stakeholder Gaze’. She also holds degrees and Professional Certifications from Parsons School of Design at The New School majoring in Fashion & Accessory Design, at The New York Restaurant School with Restaurant Management & a Chef Certification.

Female Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Culture has been in Carla's family for 3 generations. Over the past 40 years, Carla Armour too has worked within Hospitality & Tourism and Arts & Cultural Industries within the Private, Public & NGO sectors. She has produced and hosted television and radio programs and culinary & cultural events and exhibitions. Carla has done international Marketing and Sales for Dominica’s Tourism industry for decades and has been featured in Caribbean, Namibian & East Sussex (UK) magazines, newspapers & TV which have highlighted her work and contributions. An award-winning performance poet and exhibiting visual artist. Over the years, she has also authored many promotional articles, chapters and sales tools for these various industries.

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2023 Retreat Rates

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