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Fit, Strong & Flexible PILATES

In person & LIVE Online classes & private sessions with Carla Armour

Online Pilates with Carla Armour

My Fit, Strong & Flexible PILATES

program offers a refreshing opportunity to connect your Body, Mind, Heart & Soul as Mr. Pilates envisioned it to be.

Building Awareness through focus and Concentration.

Connecting to your CORE through Breath and Centring practices.

Building Trust through release and realignment so you can move with Control in a state of Flow deepening your Precision during each session so you can Surrender to the beauty & bliss of your body at ease.


Because learning to 'Live at your CORE' is a process not a one-off event, I recommend a monthly subscription. You will have LIVE ZOOM classes at least 2 times a week complimented by your personal practice. Even if you cannot make the LIVE Classes you will have the recordings so you can do the entire class or simply review for clarification, or jump in to do short segments of the classes on your own.


With a Monthly Subscription of just $96/£73. you have unlimited on-demand access to all online classes each month and free attendance to wellbeing talks as well as shorter on-demand sessions, all at your fingertips. 

My delicious monthly in-person & online 1 hour Classical Pilates Classes followed by Q&A are an opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Pilates exercises and philosophy.

Of Course, you can also access any of my LIVE classes individually as well as just these individual Classical sessions without the monthly subscription.

I incorporate the Pilates Principles throughout our practice which insists on safe controlled movements, a deep self-awareness, emphasis on proper energizing breathing, centering before movement, increasingly creating flow and ease while challenging your execution for increased precision.

Some of the well known benefits of Pilates:

  • A full mind-body connection & mastery

  • A renewed understanding of breath and the relationship of using breathing to manage physical and mental stress

  • Improved posture through a strong core and improved skeletal, muscular balance and recruitment patterns

  • Improved balance and coordination of movement

  • Increased flexibility, strength and endurance

  • Specific training for Peak Performance in an active lifestyle or sport

  • Reduced incontinence and improved bowel movements 

  • Prescribed for Pre & Post Natal and Pre & post-Op Orthopedic clients

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

  • Excellent for mature clients

  • Integrate correct recruitment of your core,

  • Open up tight areas and strengthen weaker ones,

  • Understand and develop new neural pathways to move intelligently,

  • Learn to switch on your Powerhouse to ensure you are physically balanced,

  • Move with focus so you are injury and pain-free, feeling fit, strong, and flexible in body, mind & spirit.

C-Curve Pilates Fundamentals.jpg

“In 10 sessions you will feel the difference, 

in 20 sessions you will see the difference,

in 30 sessions you will have a whole new body.”
Joseph Pilates. Return to Life through Contrology, 1945

A little of Carla's Pilates & Fitness journey...

My first forays into the Fitness industry in the 1980s as a Dance Aerobics and Reebok Step instructor using the exercises and concepts from ‘Mail Order pamphlets’ of the Art & Science of Contrology (the original name of the Pilates method). In 2004 I went on to train as a Personal Fitness Trainer and Comprehensive Pilates Instructor (Mat & Equipment Repertoire) from Conscious Movement Education (formerly Renee Watson Pilates) in South Africa, whose qualifications are recognized internationally by REPs, PMA, HFPA, Body Excel and ETA. I am proud to be on the Conscious Movement Education roster of lecturers for Pilates Instructor Training and practitioner workshops. I certified as a Life Coach in 2007 taking courses with Coaching Academy and New Insights. Being able to employ my experience as a practicing Artist in tandem with the above training enables me to work on a deeply personal and comprehensive level with clients. I am First Aid CPR Certified and Fitpro Insured.

In addition to the above, I have attended workshops and conferences both in the UK and abroad. I have been honoured to experience the teachings of some great Pilates Elders and Industry Luminaries such as Kathy Grant and Mary Bowen (both now deceased), Lolita San Miguel, Rael Isacowitz (BASI), Alan Herdman, Kathy Corey, Renee Watson, Brent Anderson, Alan Herdman, Tom Meyers, Elizabeth Larkham, Alycea Ungaro and others.


My extra workshop training and experience includes Pilates for Pregnancy, the application of Props and Small Apparatus, Pilates for Shoulder Girdle Stability, Pilates for the Mature Clients, Pilates Current Research & Lower Back Care, Pilates Mat for Better Bones & Better Balance and Anatomy Trains.

It gives me such pleasure to support my clients on their journey, equipping them with the knowledge and skill to incorporate principles and practices of excellence and high performance into their daily lives.


With passion & commitment,

Carla Armour

The Traditional 6 Pilates Principles

  • Concentration 

As a ‘whole mind-body system’, total awareness of what every part of your body is doing and where you are in space is of optimum importance in order to master the movements.  

Your Pilates Practice should become your personal meditation time. 


  • Breathing 

 Pilates Lateral Breathing assists the engagement of the Center or Core while performing the movements. Correct and full breath cycles re-oxygenates the entire body and brain and creates rhythm for your movements. Rids the body of waste, giving a feeling of refreshed exhilaration. Lateral breathing expands the rib cage sideways so the air is drawn through the nose into the base of the lungs spreading and depressing the Diaphragm. On expiration, through parted lips, we sigh every last bit of air out by drawing the ribs back together, allowing the diaphragm and with it the upper fibres of the Psoas to release. This also exercises the intercostal muscles and brings flexibility to the joints of the ribs & Thoracic vertebrae, releasing stress and tightness in the mid & lower back, neck and shoulders. 


  • Centring  

The ‘Pilates Powerhouse’ refers to the base of the Core muscles. More than just the Abdominals the ‘Core’ includes the muscles of the Buttocks, Pelvic Floor, Spine and Diaphragm. All Pilates movements are initiated from a Strong Centre or Powerhouse. Encouraging this principle in your daily life will transform the way you stand, sit & move!  

To connect to your ‘Centre’ you engage and lift your pelvic floor, adding a zipping effect of the abdominals from hipbones to ribs and gentle hollowing across the hipbones (sometimes called the ‘bikini line’), achieving flattened abdominals, a ‘strong centre’ and supported spine. 


  • Control 

Joseph H. Pilates called his system, “The Art of Contrology”. The Movements should always be performed with total control, ensuring safe and precise exercises. To control and sustain all muscle connections and movements with precise alignment is of vital importance, and really what makes Pilates so Unique. 


  • Flow (Long Flowing Movements) 

The significant difference between the Pilates Method and other exercise systems is that you strengthen your muscles in a lengthened state (Eccentric Contraction). As you master the exercises your practice develops a fluid rhythm, encouraging Grace, Flexibility and Strong Mobile Joints. 


  • Precision One perfect repetition is more beneficial than 10 imperfect ones’… Joseph Pilates.  

We do a small number of repetitions of each exercise and work in small groups so your instructor can monitor and correct your form as needed. With Persistence and Commitment, your practice becomes more Precise, with more Precision your sessions become more Intense! Remember, if it’s not Precise, it’s not Pilates! 


Learning to embody Ease and Pleas-(ure)


Incorporating the Pilates Principles throughout our practice which insists on safe controlled intentioned movements, concentrating on a deep self-awareness, emphasis on proper energizing breathing, centring before movement, through oppositional focus we increasingly create flow and ease while challenging your execution for increased precision,... Moving from a Strong CORE.

Living at your CORE is about training your body & mind connections to release dis-ease, fear and anxiety.

Unravelling the scars and wounds from past trauma, chronic pain, hurtful experiences, uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & poor postures so you experience pure joy & ease..

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