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How to be the  strongest, fittest and most courageous YOU!

Join my mind-shifting, body shaping, habit-forming Quest


This is your time to get strong, stand your ground

and be rooted in your authenticity.

Nobody does you better


My promise?

To have your back, as you develop holistic self-care practices, strength and success habits, to become resilient so you can be fully engaged with your whole-life-vision to face any situation, courageously. Living life on your terms.

During uncertain times, we can feel even more vulnerable, alone, and out of control.
It takes a real leap of faith to make a change, and it is always most scary to take that  first step on the journey from where you are now to where you want to be, embracing your unique and divine potential. 


Trust me on this, you are not alone. I know because not only have I been there myself but it is also what my clients tell me. As high-achieving, over-giving, passionate, talented, and smart women, looking from the outside in, it is difficult to think that the kind of things they have told me can be true. 

  • I need to find balance, time for my emotional & physical wellbeing is non-existent.

  • My issue is I often feel so vulnerable. I tell myself, who am I fooling to think I can hold down this position.

  • I have been feeling tired and in pain for some time and I haven't made time to address it. Why Can't I make time for me? 

  • I am an emotional wreck, struggling with emotional scars that have now become chronic pain, and yest at the same time,... I can feel numb. 

  • I just cannot be disciplined, I keep sabotaging my sleep, weight, fitness, health, even my relationships need work. ​​

  • At times, I really feel there's more to life. I question what direction to take with my business.

  • I need to clarify my next move when I retire, there's more I want to do.

  • I am SO overwhelmed, help, I need to stop procrastinating and second-guessing myself so I can be more efficient.


So let me ask, are you: 

  • The ultimate self-critic, can't kick the procrastination cycle... stuck in paralyzing perfectionism?

  • Have too many distractions stealing your sleep, your focus, flow, and purpose? 

  • Need to get in shape, eat healthy, feel calm and more spiritual?

  • For too many years struggling with regret, betrayal and disappointment?

  • Feel your self-worth and self-trust eluding you?

Then you are in the right place. I am here to support you. To coach you through a personalized transformational journey to you, your authentic space where you arrive with compassion, genuine love and reliable accountability.

Let me be your coach through your sacred time of reflection, realization, release, resolve and renewal.

Join my exclusive Mindset & Movement Quest,

'Nobody does you better'.

This is YOUR opportunity to CHOOSE... 

to take a breath... and start living your full Divine Potential

So close your eyes and just take a long slow deep breath,

and set an intention to be a Fit Strong, Creative & Courageous you.

Accept my invitation and within our 14 weeks together, you will;

  1. Get Fit & Resilient. Re-energize every cell in your body through deep Pilates body mind work and empowering emotional regulation. Learning to love and trust your strong, flexible beautiful body, having the stamina and ability to do whatever YOU choose.

  2. Get Centred & Creative. Learning complete self-awareness and nurture your self-compassion to regain your sense of self-worth to ignite your inner power, acting with clarity and certainty all while normalizing living with ease, practicing real self-love and self-respect.

  3. Integrate Mindset rituals and Movement practices to get in and learn to stay in the best Spiritual, Physical and Emotional shape of your life so you can move forward into your next legacy-defining actions and simply rock your life, your work and your world.

Yes my dear, all of this while developing unwavering self-integrity, unshakeable confidence,

consistent action, deep congruence and resolute courage. like a true Divine Empress.


What is a ‘Quest’? 

def (noun): a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something:


So, what is that ‘something’ for you? 

I propose the SOMETHING that we all have to choose is ourselves.

To make the commitment to go within, heal ourselves and celebrate our talents,skills and latent power.

No more victim-mode ladies, no more self-criticism, no more regrets and should-haves, no more excuses.

 From this very moment I want you to proclaim this... say it out loud!!!

I promise to: Get to know myself, to care for myself, to love, honour and respect myself!

What should you expect when I commit to work with you as one of my Questers?

We will work 1-to-1 and once a month, within a small group of other committed action-oriented, high-achieving women like you.

You will experience an up-close and personal and in-depth journey with my full support.

Please, I am not going to lead you down the empty-promise paths of overnight success and trends....

lasting real change is a journey that you must take ownership of, not a prescription, but a process.

“Intention is not an event or something you can check off, intention is a process.”
Christine Kane

So, don't listen to voices whispering at you from the past, please...

don’t allow destructive sabotaging mindsets and fears to take up space in your beautiful brain…

If you are ready to take this journey with me...

ease, pleasure and total sense of wellbeing, calm and courage are all within your reach!

"When Carla announced her quest I was immediately intrigued. I had hired coaches before but Carla far exceeded my expectations. The first trait which struck me besides her obvious glowing smile and positive energy was how attentively  she listened to responses to her carefully selected questions, formulating ideas for areas of concerns while seamlessly reframing self-defeating thoughts. I left that first call energized but somewhat naive about how much she would push me to be my best self. She is supportive, encouraging but tough. If you set a goal with her you better be serious because she will follow up and hold your feet to the fire. So come prepared to work. So many areas of my life that have improved, not only did my diet and overall health improve but even my marriage, and finances improved."

T. Astaphan, Psy.D. Clinical psychologist / Mom-In-Chief

During your 14 week Quest there will be creative mind-shifting tasks, Pilates Breath & embodiment practices as well as  your personal Me Book and worksheets from my Treat-kit, all aimed at integrating the  'CORE Activators'.

My signature system designed to keep you on track for years to come.

Becoming 'CORE Centric' means being Centered, Optimized, Resourceful, and Engaged, living fully energized, focused, and intentioned.

In control, in your rhythm in a state of full flow! Sweet!

"The Quest with Carla has taught me how to tap into an abundant source of commitment and discipline to realize objectives that are important to me. The HyMMMNSS process is really a daily ritual that keeps me connected to my power to live the life I've always wanted."  
Dr. H. Thomas-Lake - CEO, HillTop Ethics

'Nobody does you better' Quest

A profoundly personal self-care Quest to get clear on WHO you want to be,

on WHAT you want to do, the WHY you want it so bad.
An journey to develop deep Body-M
ind connection and sweet Heart & Soul coherence practices So you Become the WHO you want to be. Healthy, in-balance, structured, consistent, creative blissfully courageous.

Our personalized one-to-one 14 weeks together will include deep diving, mind-shifting, body shaping,

habit-forming creative, reflective, restorative, growth rituals, practices, activities and exercises.


Here's some of what we will be doing on the Quest.

As a Nobody does YOU better (NdYb) Quester, you will be guided with weekly prompts and tasks. The time invested on your part, can be anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes of work per day. It’s work yes, but all for YOU! Making your daily tasks more effecient and effective. Developing your creativity and consistency. Installing that self-trust mindset.

Please note, this is a deep diving program that requires your dedication and commitment for you to get the transformation and benefits that last a lifetime and those my other Questers have experienced. So if you are not ready to commit and at times work through some emotional and challenging issues to restructure your very mind body heart & soul, then this Quest is not for you.

Your 1:1 and group sessions include: 

  • Your online private video calls

  • Videos and emails with weekly prompts, workbooks and/or tools to work through this journey

  • Live group ZOOM sharing sessions on all things health, wealth and happiness with me. I will also be accompanied by our knowledgable guest Quest Sages from time to time. These sessions as with all our calls will be recorded  for your reference and follow-up in case you miss it.

  • I will also send you links to weekly Body Buff Videos: Pilates & self-care shares

  • Feedback on your personal assignments and tasks to include:

My Signature creative process of ‘Collecting Receipts’ – assignments, admissions, and ‘debts’, the price we pay for who we are today. Creating and posting ‘Personal Proclamations’; Love Letters & Gratitude Cards

What our 1-1 Calls will look like:

  • 9 private Coaching sessions online via Zoom or Skype during the 14 weeks. (they will be recorded for your future use if you desire). These calls include:

    • Our first private ‘Discovery' call

    • An on-boarding Call

    • A Break-through Power Hour call

    • A Legacy Mapping, Mission & Goal setting call 

    • A Deconstructing your Core Detractors coaching session

    • A Life Legacy Statement & Personal Proclamation Creation Session

    • Two 40 minute 1 to 1 ROAST Coaching Sessions (Review Optimize Align & (re)Structure & (re)commit to your Tasks)

    • A 60-minute Celebration Call at the end of the Quest

  • You can also choose some coaching calls as private 1-to-1 Pilates sessions with me to experience true 'Ease & Pleas(ure)' with Body Mind Heart & Soul connection. Release restrictions and dis-ease caused by stress, anxiety & uncertainty, repetitive debilitating habits & postures. You will understand how to take control of your health, weight & emotions.

  • You will join our private intimate Questers FB group to share your experiences, connect with and learn from other Questers, all high-achieving professional women.

  • Additionally, you will have email access to me should you need support at any point.

Apply to become a Quester. 

Because I work to deeply with my clients, places  are very limited, so I work on an application basis to ensure that we are a good fit to work together.

When does this take place?

This Quest is a hybrid 1-1 personalized coaching program with continuous enrollment. Questers work through a 14 week planned journey but there are a couple break weeks for Questers to enjoy public holidays and take time for deeper reflection. It is a highly bespoke program spread over a 14 week period.

Coach Carla pushing down barriers


"Hello my lovely fellow Questers,

Yesterday I was on a magical date with a charming man! Yay!
I felt confident, sexy and completely in my power. Oh my goodness,

I honestly didn’t think I would have felt like this or gone on a date like that when I first started this Quest.

Thank you Carla dear for giving me my sexy back! "
G. Orme LLB. Entrepreneur

A deep diving,


body shaping,

habit forming

Exclusive Quest!

"For what it's worth, this is a journey I didn't know I needed to take until I started.

A journey that is teaching me who I am and where I need to be to

unlock the demons, the power and the magic within my soul...."

14 powerful transformational weeks.

When does this take place? This Quest is a hybrid 1-1 personalized coaching program with continuous enrollment.

Questers work through a 14 week planned journey with a couple break weeks for Questers to enjoy public holidays and take time for deeper reflection. It is a highly bespoke program. 

Here are some more details of what we will cover together and the benefits you will experience.

Onboarding / Week 0 

Contracting & Committing


You will commit to the process and sign your contract with me and with yourself.

Commit to a practice of writing and meditation to get clarity and insight as we process through the Quest.

Commit to self-care and self-respect.

Module 1 / Weeks 1 to 3

Clarity & Centring  -  Assessment & Evaluation

Start a process of reflection & recording using your Daily HyMMMNSS (Hydration, Mindset, Meditation, Movement, Nutrition, Skincare & Sleep) Logbook so you can assess where you are starting from to set better and informed goals. 
Go through your CORE Activator questions to evaluate your findings from your HyMMMNSS and indentifying your VIP's & PETS
(Values, Inspirations, Passions, Past Experiences, Talents & Skills).

Module 2 / Weeks 4 to 6

Open Heart  -  Exploration & Goal Settling, Optimizing Opportunities

You get clear on your ‘WHY’. Craft your Life Legacy Statement as you explore your Life Domains; @Work @Home and @Play (Recreation & Community).
Inspired, you settle comfortably with action and momentum, achieving your deep desires. You naturally and gracefully embody unstoppable power. Deepening communion and broadening connections with your ‘Circle of Impact’ respect and authenticity.

Module 3 / Weeks 7 to 9

Reflection & Release  -  Deconstructing Detractors to create Receipts & Resources

You will completely demystify any limiting beliefs, deconstruct your ‘detractors’ and take full control of your environment to set you into a sweet space of self-compassion, self-respect and self-love. nurturing honourable forgiveness of others and yourself. 

This is a deeply emotive process of reflection, release resolve and renewal to build up confidence and courage to get and stay physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong.

Module 4 / Weeks 10 to 12

Engaged  -  Energized Connection 

You are feeling engaged and empowered, making a positive impact and change, living your purpose.

In a deep FLOW state, you release judgments and lose yourself in congruent productivity while practicing massive self-integrity. You resonate with authentic expression, live with ease and relax into a courageous, consistently productive and congruent you. You will engage with those in your ‘Circle of Impact’, your support network.

Module 5 / Weeks 12 to 14

Celebration & Trust

Celebrating exquisite execution of your dreams and desires on your terms! In Mind Body Heart & Soul balance.

You will have accomplished goals in each Life Domain, transformed your fitness and sensuality, resolved relationships, healed injuries to experience agility and energy. You will have charted new goals and integrated practices and habits to move forward living a Fit, Strong and Courageous life. 
We will definitely be celebrating your achievements and journey!

Making the CORE Activators your default mode: 

This ‘Mind Body, Heart & Soul Authenticating Matrix’ is a tool you can use to ‘anchor’ yourself throughout the day. Spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically, in all of your life; at home, at work and at play. You are reminded to reflect on your CORE values, beliefs and stance to stay on course with your divine potential, your chosen Life Legacy. When faced with challenging situations, triggered by past experiences of pain or trauma or moments of indecision that threaten to destabilize you, just reflect on this matrix and ask yourself; “Am I living at My CORE in this situation?” Am I Centred, Optimized, Resourceful & Engaged?”


This physical and mental reaffirmation rewires your self-beliefs and ignites your inner strength, so you manage every situation and decision with unshakeable confidence, connection and deep congruence.

"Carla, this quest has made all the difference! I now have an elevated consciousness about my body, soul, and spirit as a wonderful movable feast. Wherever I go, I can meditate. Wherever I go, I can exercise. Wherever I go, I can write my morning pages. Wherever I go, I take myself with me, and that includes my light, my LOVE, and my commitment to becoming, over and over again, the best version of myself. This Quest sends me shopping in my soul. Thanks,"

Dr. H. Thomas-Lake - CEO HillTop Ethics

​​Why Do I want to support you? A little about my journey.


Because, trust me, I feel you, I know you, I know right where you are, because I have been there too. I too have had to climb out of some very dark places, each time having to deepen my resolve, reorient my purpose with an entirely different plan. I had to reinstall my conviction and reclaim my power even my identity. You see most people just look at me and see a colourful, extroverted bad-ass, 'take-no-prisoners' Carla, but let me tell you, I have been through my piles of crap too. Too much to talk about here, but I have been in similar painful paralyzing situations like you. I have felt it, excruciating pain and injury, felt loss and lost, violated and exploited, betrayed, used, and discarded. 

So trust me when I say, I got your back on this one... I really do.

I will give you my most recent story, you see, very much like we are today in this COVID-19 Pandemic time, just under 3 years ago, I got a rude awakening that brought back up all my past... I found myself living in circumstances that had me facing a very different uncertain reality that I hadn’t prepared for. Natural disaster, I experienced a devastating hurricane, one traumatic and emotional experience after another followed, loss and devastation of property and business, personal or professional challenges, fear, real fear for my physical and emotional being. Total and complete overwhelm, despair, and shame. It's like I was judging myself from every angle, while faking it, pretending like it was all just fine while drowning every lonely dusk and sleepless stormy night with alcohol in a house with no security or roof. I felt paralyzed, couldn't exercise, no dry space, I couldn't run, too scared to face the haunting landscapes (and I have been a runner for about 40 years)..., talk about being flooded with stress hormones and over-eating the wrong foods only to gain 11 kilos in 5 months? I was up to my heaviest adult weight, that I had only been at once before the day after I delivered my son. I couldn't think straight, angry, shocked, lost... basically, overall 'I was a f***ing hot mess'! (excuse the french, but I just don't know how else to say it).


But thank God, I got a break, took a step away the moment I found a window of time and glimmer of hope. I found my trusted 'toolboxes', shook myself hard, and realized that something just had to give! So I got some emotional support, established reliable professionals, hired a business coach, started taking care of myself and exercising, rolled out my Pilates Mat, started running and painting and writing poetry again... Hill running for 2 hours was like I had tasted heaven. The freedom, the sense of stamina, and inner strength, it all came back to me. I was back in business, teaching, and coaching again, and yes, within 4 months I had shed those 11 kilos!


The thing is, it was familiar, I had made similar journeys personally and with clients and friends quite a few times before. Whatever you are struggling with, the fact that you are also experienced, accomplished, and talented you do have what it takes to get back on top of your game, but even better! This time, the game you choose will be played on your terms… I know you know that too, so please, do not doubt yourself, your abilities, and your will. When you find that self-compassion and have someone to support you and help you uncover your truth and potential, it works. I know it I have done it.

To be honest, as I said before... it is downright paralyzing, I know it is...

and that my dear, is WHY I created this amazing Quest.

It's delicious, it's juicy, it's creative, it's physical, it's intellectual, it's spiritual, it will be emotional.

It's a hybrid of experiences that I know will take you to and through some divine spaces
you need and you will love. 

So what do you say?  Let's do this together?

"Thank you for sharing, yesterday, the challenges you’ve had to overcome. It makes us see even more what a phenomenal woman you are. I can see for sure, your focus on wellness and going into the body is the key..... to connecting with the innermost divinity."

T. Astaphan, Psy.D. Clinical psychologist / Mom-In-Chief

"I would recommend anyone to you - especially those who may lack confidence in their own ability

and are at a point that they really need a supportive push by a strong focused accomplished woman.

But if one is looking to have their ego stroked - you are NOT the coach for them."         

 Nicole S. - Supreme Court Judge

"Carla, I would recommend you to someone for, setting fitness goals, organization in reaching one’s target. Dedication and perfection. Help in fitness injuries. Event planning and implementing life coaching, and structuring of one’s life. Your ability to make things happen through your organizational skills. Knowing they will receive the best no matter what it is. Your ‘plain truth, take it, or leave it’ attitude. Joann – Style Consultant, Interior Designer, Real Estate Developer​

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