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Carla Armour Creative
Artist, Poet & award winning Designer
Coach & Mentor to passionate creative people

I am an exhibiting multi- media Artist, Mindset & Movement Coach and Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, a veteran in the Health & Fitness, Tourism and Creative industries in Dominica. I combine my expertise, decades of experience and passions, to create my unique Heart & Soul brand of mind-shifting, habit-forming coaching and mentoring to support passionate people who operate best 'outside the box'. Those of you who revel in 'colouring outside the lines'.

Are you one of these people, with ideas ideas ideas, projects, projects, projects and struggle to prioritize and get into real creative flow? Do you often feel like you are drowning in overwhelm... too much passion and not enough practicality?.... (I know I have been there and often still struggle with that like so many others).
Well then it's time for a dose of clarity and a solid well articulated strategy to see each project through to the end.
You need my 8 week program Clear Skies for YOU.

With my broad background and years of experience I offer you different perspectives, refreshing insights, practical and technical knowledge to ensure your ideas are workable. You will be provided with fun and inspiring worksheets, videos and live calls which all equip you with the tools to access your inner resources, to hone your talents and acquired skills so that you can consistently create, serve and sell from your heart & soul with authenticity, ease & fun.
Getting out of your head and into real focus and flow.

In the end you will have

Crystalized Mission    Clear Messaging    Authentic Offerings    Actionable Strategy

Find out more about Clear Skies for You
an 8 week Heart & Soul coaching program for a Creative Life & Work.

Find out more about my work by clicking one of the images below.

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