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What does it mean to live at YOUR CORE?

  • To live a life that is CENTRED on YOUR values and CONGRUENT with your vision.

  • To feel safe enough to be OPEN to OPTIMIZING every opportunity without second guessing your intuition or your beautiful intelligence.

  • It is about being RESOURCEFUL. Honouring your past, releasing any RESISTANCE and all regrets, drama and trauma, knowing, that your unique life is your lesson, and an endless source of valuable resources to dip into.

  • It is about staying Engaged daily with who you truly want to show up as and with who you choose to show up FOR.
    Consistently EXECUTING your actions with ease, flow and joy,
    on target with your intentions and decisions

"This really helped me, you being so open and vulnerable, knowing what you have gone through, I now understand how you can always re-frame things. Now I understand that I too can see things with a different lens." Tamara

"Carla, you are one of the most inspiring and strongest women I know." Insa 

"Carla has taught me how to tap into an abundant source of commitment and discipline to realize objectives that are important to me." Hillary

"My body and my mind is exuberant with power and stillness after each session" Mario

"Carla is an excellent and committed Pilates instructor and coach, who has an insatiable passion for what she does." Carolyn

"Carla takes you on a journey to be your bravest, fittest most creative self. Her program works if you do the work"  Galia 

who is

Hi, I am Carla, a passionate, multi-talented Life Coach, Artist and Experience Curator.


I believe in women's right to live a deeply nourished, passionate and healthy life with integrity, empathy, self-respect, independent wealth and pleasure.

As a Coach, I work closely with my client, to process and reframe challenges and develop rock solid systems, practices and rituals that stimulate Clarity, Congruence, Creativity and Consistent. Courageous action.

Imagine having proven physical, mindset and emotional tools to help you develop habits that create your new 'Default Mode Network'? Learning to be in a state of presence and flow, living with a consistent feeling of Ease so you are always Open to possibility, Resourceful instead of Regretful, and inevitably, deeply Engaged with your authentic YOU? 

The thing is, there is so much overwhelm and uncertainty inherent in our lives right now, causing chronic stress and anxiety that leads to always second-guessing ourselves, listening to our inner-critic and overthinking the past, that it doesn't leave space for self-compassion, focus and confidence.

Changing that way of living is not easy to shift without support to learn long-term practices and personal accountability.

If any of this is sounding like your situation, I would be honoured to support you, do not hesitate, start with a completely free Discovery Call.

That is exactly what I do


I coach you through conscious mindset shifts on a deep diving journey that takes you through some vulnerability to access true courage.


You will be guided through intentioned body-mind  Pilates movement based practices to dismantle the flight, fight, freeze response. I hold you to some  radical self-care rituals, prayer, meditation & mindfulness,... deep heart & soul calibration practices that allow you to release the negative and live from a place of positivity, gratitude and awe to awaken to your inner empress and shine your divine light throughout your world. 


If this is the life you are ready for, the accountability and support you need, then it will be my honour to be  your Coach.


Let's talk..., book a totally free Discovery Call with me.

If any of the above rings true to you, then I would absolutely love to be your Mindset & Movement Coach.
I support women to finally and fully install self respect by learning to practice self love guilt-free,
living fit strong and joy filled lives of ease and pleasure.

I feel that I know who you are, I used to be proud of people telling me I am 10 people in 1 woman!  That's just such crap though, if we know nothing else, living through such unpredictable times, is that the most important thing is pacing ourselves.
Taking a step back to reflect on the right paths for next projects or decisions
ensuring we are
deeply congruent with who we want to show up as, for ourselves. 
Then taking planned ACTION with steady momentum without all the perfectionist paralysis, self doubt and exhaustion.

As your dedicated coach, I guide you on so many levels, nudging you on, and holding you accountable to YOUR word,
so you accomplish the goals YOU settle on to experience true transformation ease & joy.

I do this by providing unwavering, no BS support and inspiring coaching sessions.
We take a holistic Mind, Body, Heart & Soul approach. Combining contributions from Somatic and Classical Pilates, Neurophysiology, Mindfulness and 'held trauma release' practices with creativity and traditional Life & Wellbeing Coaching strategies.
Why? Because studies show that the body holds on to our trauma for generations, holding us in a fear grip, bias to negativity and doubt. This robs our innate freedom, dousing our internal spark, leading to lethargy, illnesses or a general sense of dis-ease, exhaustion, anxiety and fear. All this contributes to depressive episodes, lethargy and weight gain too.

As a multi-talented and super passionate woman with decades of experience in the Creative, Health & Fitness and the Hospitality & Tourism Industries, I offer my clients a broad range of interesting coaching tools and wellbeing practices to experience deep transformation..

If you are ready for a deep Body Mind, Heart & Soul re-calibration, a true re-awakening of your inner divine Empress? 

Then you will find my signature program 'Nobody does YOU better Quest' is ideal for you.

Power & Flexibility

Whether we are working with changing language and beliefs around weight management or shame, around injury from physical and mental traumas and stress.
Whether you are struggling with lack of clarity and consistency, just can't seem to deconstruct those lurking demons.

Feeling like there is a fog of uncertainty and fear just hovering over your life and decisions.

I see you, I know you, it's so obvious you have the answers but just not implementing and taking action. That's why I know how important it is for me to 'have your back. No matter how vulnerable you need to be, trust me.  With our deep Body Mind, Heart & Soul journey... you will release the doubts, the fears, the anxiety and come away clear, productive successful but most importantly you will be renewed, regulated, totally recalibrated.
You will be supported, held accountable, get super resourceful so you are calm, decisive, and energized, thriving in all areas of your personal, professional and romantic life.

If you are interested in doing this kind of work with me then please, book a 40 minute Discovery Call with me as soon as you can as I would be so honoured to work with you.

The Discovery Call is my gift to you and can be quite revealing and turn on some major switches for you.

Visit my Virtual Art Gallery, Caribbean Vacation home or follow me and subscribe to my YouTube Channel .

Coach Carla Armour relaxing on Brighton beach, infront of the West Pier wearing sportswear after completing an intense workout.

"For the rest of your life be on the hunt for wherever you are not owning your unique story." 
Mel Robins, Kick Ass.

   Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You are a woman on a mission who is feeling off balance. 

  • You are holding on to physical and emotional pain (held traumas)

  • Can't shake excess weight, making excuses and keep triggering a blame-shame cycle.

  • You struggle with feelings of 'not-enoughness' and imposter syndrome.

  • You tend to be self-critical and anxious.

  • You need someone to hold you accountable, to give you tools  and support your presence to create ease and flow.

  • You need to find clarity to live a life that totally excites you and impacts your world.

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